<transcy>I am blinded by the lights</transcy>

" Blinding Lights "is the second single from the fourth album by The Weeknd . The song talks about the "enlightening of a love" effect, and the video portrays the artist racing in the artificially lit night of Las Vegas in a sports car.
Who has never felt discomfort while driving for the headlights of the cars on the other side of the road?
But is there any way to avoid glare?
But let's see what it is: glare is a transient disturbance of vision, which manifests itself as an excessive sensation of light; it is a disturbance or a momentary suppression of vision, resulting from the presence of objects brighter than the context in which the eye is located.
This 'sensation' is sometimes an expression of degeneration of the retinal rod pigment and the eye, therefore, is unable to synthesize this beam of light; as a consequence, temporary or permanent, vision appears much less clear.
Visible light is a part of the electromagnetic spectrum. A small part of this highly energetic radiation is called "blue light".
As we have already seen, there is a harmful blue light, emitted in particular by artificial sources whose overexposure can give insomnia, irritability, loss of attention and contributes to the main eye diseases, such as:
The damage caused by these radiations can be avoided by wearing special filters.
prescription lenses: they are born to correct eye ametropias in order to make the light rays converge correctly on the retina and make the image form in our brain.
Barriqule provides ophthalmic lenses that are able to screen out harmful blue light by letting in part of the blue light that is instead beneficial for the body.
Our prescription lenses are made with a special blend based on the fusion of neodymium ions with the organic material of plastic lenses, in order to increase the visual contrast and neutralize the blinding effect of glare.
The lenses have a double function as they protect our eyes from high-energy visible blue light (HEV) with a protection between 410 and 420nm and make a selective cut at 589 nm, thus reducing the impact of light at the length d most dazzling wave for the human being.
Our lenses offer the same feeling of protection as sunglasses while being perfectly clear.
The result is a relaxed and never dazzled vision, perfectly clear but highly protected. Who can protect themselves with Barriqule lenses:
CHILDREN to protect the retina in a delicate moment of development.
YOUNG PEOPLE who make excessive use of electronic devices.
ADULTS who want greater protection than the lenses on the market.
ELDERLY, especially after cataract surgery.
Others protect themselves against harmful UV rays. We barricade ourselves. #BARRICATED

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