<transcy>Watch out for Coronavirus</transcy>

The pandemic that is affecting us is certainly one of the most dramatic events that we remember in living memory for the health emergency that ensued and for the socio-economic implications that it will bring in the following months.
We have had to change many of our life habits and include some preventive hygiene practices in our routines to counteract the spread of COVID-19 .
In addition to the best known, such as washing hands frequently, great attention should also be paid to how to protect the eyes.
It is important for those who do our job to make some considerations. Recently, researchers from the Department of Ophthalmology of Zhejiang University conducted a study entitled "Evaluation of coronavirus in tears and conjunctival secretions of patients with Sars-Cov-2 infection". The study, which is currently being published in a scientific journal, reports that a possible route of contagion for the virus is the front of the eye.
The droplets of saliva present in the air following a sneeze or a cough can come into contact with the tear film that lines the eye and station them even without producing particular symptoms.
The tears are then channeled through the tear channels located on the inside of the eyelids, into the nose and throat. If the infected droplets vaporized in the air land on the eyes, they can then easily reach the respiratory tract, causing contagion and infection.
In the light of what has emerged, it is therefore important to follow the indications of the Italian Association of Ophthalmologists, which indicate to always keep hands away from the face and to use glasses as much as possible as protection from contact with infected droplets. The glasses should also be washed with soap regularly (which we always invite to do regularly even to all those who ask the fateful question: "but how can I clean my glasses?")
As far as the use of contact lenses is concerned, they should be avoided as much as possible as they could retain the virus inside them and in any case use only disposable LACs and wash your hands well before handling them.

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