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A quarter of the world's population is in isolation in their homes to prevent the spread of Covid-19, as well Hugo Suissas is Tiago Silva , Portuguese designers, have decided to contribute creatively to the fight against the virus, converting each national flag into a new version " at home ".
A simple but effective artwork by the two Portuguese designers, accompanied by the phrase: " Stay home. Everywhere. Fight Covid-19 ".
With people locked up in their homes, the time we spend in front of a monitor drastically increases, whether it is TV, computer, tablet or mobile phone.
We asked ourselves: what impact does this have on vision quality?
About 59% of adults who use monitors for more than two hours a day report experiencing something called Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). But what is it about?
These are the symptoms:
  • eyestrain
  • headache
  • blurred vision
  • dry eye
  • neck pain
  • shoulder pain
In most cases, this uncomfortable feeling disappears after a few hours away from a screen. If not, it could indicate a more serious problem, such as incorrect astigmatism, farsightedness, ocular coordination problems, or presbyopia.
Furthermore, CVS is favored by some of the bad habits such as low light, glare, improper viewing distances, poor posture, incorrect vision problems and a combination of these factors.
Can CVS be prevented?
While computers have been around for decades, the amount of time people spend staring at a monitor today is at an all-time high.
We want to give you some tips that can help you improve your condition.
While we would like to encourage you to limit your viewing time, we understand how difficult it can be nowadays. Maybe you don't know, but There are several free apps that filter the screen to reduce glare, especially at night! The next time you browse Facebook before falling asleep, try the Blue Filter App! Tip: If you are an iPhone user, you can activate the Night Shift function - without the need for additional apps.
Close and open your eyes forcibly . We know this sounds silly, but studies show that blinking frequency is significantly reduced when people use electronic devices. In general we go from 12-15 times per minute, up to seven or eight times per minute. The blinking lubricates your eyes with a thin layer of tears, so when you close your eyelids less, you are more likely to experience temporary dry eye or discomfort.
Monitor tilt and lighting can affect your comfort. Try placing the screen away from ambient lighting or windows to avoid glare and reflections.
Take a break every now and then. Take small breaks during the day to rest your eyes: 15 minutes every 2 hours spent looking at something that is far away .. outside the window is enough. For continuous use of the monitor, try looking away for 20 seconds every 20 minutes to keep your eyes healthy and feel good.
Then if you are interested in a specialized consultation in ours optometric study we carry out the necessary assessments to diagnose eye fatigue due to digital devices. We start with a detailed collection of patient history with questions about computer and device use, work habits, and screen exposure time. We then test your visual acuity to determine how well your eyes see. Next, we do what is called “refraction” to determine the exact prescription of your eye and the corresponding spectacle or contact lens power that is needed to make you see at any distance. How are CVS problems prevented?
There are products you can use right now to significantly reduce eye strain. These are glasses or contact lenses specially designed for computer use. We specialize in the construction of glasses specially designed for the working distance of the computer, generally between 40 and 90 cm. We supply multifocal contact lenses or single vision contact lenses which can improve the vision of monitors.
We have the best protection from harmful blue-violet light with a considerable reduction in glare and increased sharpness. Unlike some lenses that alter the way you see color, our shield offers you "full protection and true color", superior visual relief and comfort.
Could it be the right time to start looking into the benefits of progressive lenses? Our near-intermediate lenses offer a great way to make your day spent indoors as comfortable and efficient as possible.
Others protect themselves against harmful UV rays. We barricade ourselves. #BARRICATED

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